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Welcome to the British Powerlifting Organisation Web site.  The intention is, that this site will become the  focal point for members and non-members giving direct access to BPO portal for activities and information.

For information relating to all aspects of the BPO please contact David Carter or any executive member.

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Powerlifting and the BPO - A Brief History

In 1994 Brian Smith and David Carter reformed British Powerlifting on firm basis of commitment and integrity. In 1996 a strong European base of powerlifters was formulated with the European Powerlifting Congress with ten other countries, to which the BPO is a founder member and affiliated to. Concerns at this time evolved around the credibility of lifting apparel, i.e. Canvas and multiple ply lifting suits, standards of adjudication of officials, whiners and moaners, unlike the talkers who do nothing, to which the BPO are diametrically opposed to.

A small handful of dedicated people went forward with other countries to form the World Powerlifting Federation (WPF) in 1999, to which the BPO is a founder member and affiliated to.

The BPO have rode mighty storms of turbulence within the Powerlifting fraternity, but only operate with people who take action to develop Powerlifting, maintain high standards of adjudication and lifting attire , to which only the quality powerlifters in Great Britain enjoy, respect and value. This is equally valued in Europe and rest of the World.

Latest News


Over 122 lifter entries took part at the 2014 British Championships for Powerlifting, Bench Press and Dead Lift being held at the Wyre Forest Glades Leisure Centre, Kidderminster, Worcestershire, England on the 12th and 13th April.
44 British records were broken, 31 European records were broken and 48 World records were broken over the two days.
Amongst the lifter entries, a new World record 336 kg squat was done at 90 kg bodyweight, a 225 World Junior record bench press was done at 82.5 kg bodyweight and 320 kg dead lift at 110 kg bodyweight. Seeing believes!
A full report and results will be posted on the BPO & WPF web sites.
With this magnificent lifter participation, the BPO will be inviting a full complement of GB Team Lifters to the 2014 European Championships on 20th to 22nd June at Vioron, France where we expect up to 200 lifter entries from all over Europe.
Ask yourself, do you want to be with the best of the best? If so, then you now know where we will all be in June.

Latest Update - 15 April 2014 - Records update to follow

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The criteria for the above to qualify is:

Minimum, 3 times a WPF World Champion

A member of a bona-fide WPF affiliated Organisation


One or more below credentials:

International Referee

Platform Manager or Crew member

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